Our mission is to manage your club easily, saving you time to play

Meusyou was born from the playing fields

Our Story

It all started in the year of 2016 when we were asked by a local swimming club to solve a stressful problem.

They were fed up of endless paperwork, failing to organise hundreds of members over multiple systems, all over different scraps of paper.

That’s when we had that AH HA! moment.

Why not create a sports club management system that offers a hassle-free alternative for clubs?

A tool that manages your clubs needs. Solves all those needless worries, saving you time, and potentially saving you money too.

From the light bulb moment in 2016, with a lot of hard work, Meusyou was born. A beautifully designed, affordable management tool that is simple and easy to use.

Our aim is to be a leading player in the sporting technological community.

Stability. Structure. Management.

Our Mission

Our vision is clear, we as a company aspire in making the running of your sports club more productive, simpler and paperwork free.

From the beginning, we saw a gap in the marketplace for a team management software that solves the continuous problems sports clubs face every day.

With price, functionality, and aesthetic; a hardship among other competitors — we stripped

everything back to a simpler approach. To turn the hardships of running a sports club into a relaxing stroll around the park with more time to spend on things you love — sport.

Our mission is to give back to those who love the experience of sporting activity and all it’s benefits. Whether it be individual coaches or clubs, we want to provide a platform that brings back the joy of teaching without the worry of paperwork.

Affordable. Beautifully designed. Simple.

Our values


We strive to give guidance, better understanding and support to all our customers.


We believe a healthy, fit relationship between us and our customers is paramount.


We offer a fair, competitive price to all our customers.


We believe being passionate about what we do makes us achieve great things.


We offer a new approach to help manage your sports club with ease and control.


We believe you deserve our full focus, energy and attention to bring you the best results.

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