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Haydn | 4th Jan 2019

Seven MUY Features All Swimming Clubs Cannot Live Without

Seven muy features all swimming clubs cannot live without

Running a swimming club comes with many hurdles and obstacles. Like with any type of business all tasks take time and effort, from managing finances to organising weekly lessons.…

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Cam | 19th Nov 2018

Why Joining A Sports Club Can Change Your Life

Why joining a sports club can change your life

For those of you who love sport, joining a sports club can be a step up. A chance to learn from peers, socialise with others, and take your skills to the next level.…

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Cam | 20th Oct 2018

5 Awesome Tools To Expect From A Club Manager Software

5 awesome tools to expect from a club manager software

Do you manage your own sports club? Would you love a club manager software to help you take control, and save you a heap of time?…

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Haydn | 6th Oct 2018

How Can A Club Manager Help Me

How can a club manager help me

Here at Meusyou, we are dedicated to providing you with the very best club manager software, which is tailored to your every need so you can focus on running your sports club.…

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Haydn | 14th Sep 2018

3 Kick-Ass Things Anthony Joshua Can Teach Us About Sport

3 kick-ass things Anthony Joshua can teach us about sport

There’s a lot that goes into being one of the world’s greatest. Anthony Joshua’s tough gym sessions, Roger Federer’s extraordinary sleep patterns (apparently sleeping 12 hours every night…

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Cam | 4th July 2017

Welcome to Meusyou!

Welcome to Meusyou

Firstly, welcome to Meusyou! Today marks the day that the doors are finally open. We hope for it to be the start of something great — in our quest to help sports clubs manage their businesses with ease…

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