3 Kick-ass Things Anthony Joshua Can Teach Us About Sport

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Blog | Words by Haydn, 14th Sep 2018

3 kick-ass things Anthony Joshua can teach us about sport

There’s a lot that goes into being one of the world’s greatest. Anthony Joshua’s tough gym sessions, Roger Federer’s extraordinary sleep patterns (apparently sleeping 12 hours every night — according to Forbes), to even the famous movie star Mark Wahlberg’s gruelling 2:30am workouts.

What can we learn from the likes of Anthony Joshua, that can benefit our own fitness and sports goals?

In this blog post you will discover 3 kick-ass things Anthony Joshua can teach us about sport. We will be looking at how he has become a great in his own sporting discipline to level up your own game and help inspire you to compete!


This is what Anthony Joshua has in spades.

His dedication to boxing is plain to see — you can see how much work he puts in by just checking out his Twitter profile.

From neck strengthening, throwing balls against walls, to hours of sparring everyday. A limitless dedication to never stop improving.

He has the money to do this of course, with a good team around him; but like every great sports person, you have to start from somewhere.

A dedicated mindset has to be nurtured from the ground up — which is where you come in. With your own sport, dedication is key to help you improve your skills, go to that next level, and keep on the right track.

Dedication comes in many forms;

  • Giving everything to your sport
  • Nutrition and lifestyle
  • Mindset

Being dedicated to a sport might be turning up to weekly training sessions or going to the gym after work (which is hard enough) — but whatever you consider dedication is to your sport, do it.

Dedicate and be consistent with your sport and you’ll see the benefits, on and off the field.

Strong Mentality

Going up against the likes of Wladimir Klitschko, Joseph Parker, to Alexander Povetkin, it doesn’t just take power but a strong mentality to make sure Joshua competes against these power houses.

Especially in Joshua’s fight versus Wladimir Klitschko, Joshua (including Klitschoko too) got knocked to the floor, but picked himself up and kept boxing (which he won in the end). Without a strong mentality he wouldn’t of been able to do this.

You can see it was a gruelling fight, and it was mentality and psychically draining but he dug in, and got the win.

How does this impact you and your own sporting goals?

Mentality is key if you want to excel at your sport.

It affects your preparation (going to the gym at 6am on a cold Winter’s morning), it changes how you perform on the big stage, and increases the likeliness of winning against another opponent.

This great blog post by HuffPost, shows how you can develop a strong mentality, just like Joshua’s.

Don’t underestimate mentality with sport, as it comes hand in hand.

Have A Team Around You

With every great sports person, they have a team around them so they can excel — and Joshua is no exemption.

Nutritionists, psychotherapists, coaches — you name it, they have it.

They are not afraid to show this to the world either, as no one can do it by themselves. These people may appear ‘superhuman’, but in fact they are just like you and me (but don’t tell them I said that!).

You may not be the next Joshua (or even want to be) in the sport that you love, but you need people around you to help you improve your game and level up — as learning on YouTube can only do so much.

For example, if you’re a tennis beginner, consider a coach to help your game. If you already have a coach, see how a nutritionist can help your body (to help you on the court too).

These are just 2 examples, as there’s 101 people out there that can help you become greater at sport.

It can make a big difference having the right people around you, as their advice, expert knowledge and perspective can help you considerably.

So What Have We Discovered?

Being great at sport doesn’t just mean good skills, it requires a heap of things.

Determination, a strong mentality, and having a team around you are just 3 things that we’ve highlighted — as the list could be as long as a piece of string.

One thing we didn’t mention is having fun! Here at Meusyou, sport has got to be fun in our eyes.

Without fun, sport can be draining, tiresome and will probably make you quit sooner rather than later.

Concentrate on these 3 aspects and you will see a big sporting difference!

We hope you have enjoyed this blog post on what Anthony Joshua can teach us about sport. Check out our other blog posts to discover more about how Meusyou can help you to sporting triumph!

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Meusyou tip: Having a solid team is the key to success.

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