5 Awesome Tools To Expect From A Club Manager Software

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Blog | Words by Cam, 20th October 2018

5 awesome tools to expect from a club manager software

Do you manage your own sports club? Would you love a club manager software to help you take control, and save you a heap of time?

Running your own sports club is highly rewarding; you can be your own boss, it can be profitable, and most importantly, a lot of fun! (That’s the most important element in our eyes!)

However, running a sports club also comes with many challenges; from organising classes, staff, to customers.

Every club needs a club manager software to save you time.

From tennis clubs, swimming clubs, all the way through to extreme sports like surfing clubs, a club manager software gives you control, helps you gain insight into your finances, and helps you see how your club is running.

It can also give you peace of mind that your members, registers, and staff are in one place.

Within this blog post you will discover 5 awesome tools that you can expect from a club manager software.


With a club manager software it’s imperative you know how many members you have on your books (or customers).

We notice too many sports clubs using old fashioned pieces of software (like Excel for example), to manage and run their club.

Not only is this difficult, you will feel frustrated when you can’t maintain it.

You want control.

This is especially true with larger sized organisations — you need a piece of software which is going to ease your efforts.

With Meusyou, you can manage your members within one single entity. You can assign members to classes, see their details, and see who has paid and by what payment method.


A club manager software needs to give you complete control over your registers.

This is important for teachers as they need to know who is turning up to particular classes.

A club manager automatically imports details into registers; saving you a heap of time and effort.

Meusyou can easily create sports registers for your teachers. These can be viewed online at anytime, and can be printed as a PDF document.

This is all automatically imported to a PDF for you, so you don’t have to manually insert details yourself; eliminating potential human error.


A club manager should effectively manage your staff in one easy location.

Are you fed up of manually organising your staff into the relevant classes, and often getting confused or frustrated?

To run a tight ship, your teachers, staff, and employees need to know exactly who is going where, who is teaching who, and where they need to go.

This ensures your club is ticking like clockwork, and your customers will be satisfied by your organised approach.

Meusyou lets you manage your staff, so they can concentrate on teaching, leading and instructing.

You can assign different teachers to classes, have different members join classes (especially if certain individuals move up a class), and move staff around from one class to another.


You probably run a sports club because you’re passionate about sport, however your finances are crucial to your survival; much like any business.

You need to pay for facilities, pay your staff, and also pay yourself, so it’s crucial you understand which customers have paid.

Customers pay in different ways, from cheque, BACS, to debit card, so understanding your payments on a club manager software is important.

Meusyou helps you record which customers have paid, and gives you up to date information about this important side of your organisation.

Email newsletter

Email newsletters lets you keep your members and staff in the know.

For example, if you own a swimming club, an email newsletter is especially useful if you have a pool closure.

Type the content, add relevant links and imagery, and you’re ready to send.

Everyone will then know there’s a pool closure, saving you a lot of hassle!

Email newsletters can also be used as a marketing tool. Going back to our swimming club example, if you have a summer course you want advertised — why not send your existing customers an email?

Meusyou lets you review and design emails ready to be sent — all through our simple text editor — it really is that easy!

This is currently not available to all accounts yet, but keep a look out for it on our pricing page.

Let a club manager help you run your sports club the way you want it

These are just a few brief reasons why club manager software can make such a difference; saving you time, saving you money, and saving you hassle.

From adding, managing and deleting members, printable registers to help you organise staff, a club manager software is the way forward!

If you’re struggling with an overwhelming amount of data and information from your sports club, you don’t need to!

You may feel that you’re struggling to keep up, wasting time and effort, but we are here to help ease your pain.

Get control over your sports club by visiting our pricing page or get started with your free 30 day trial.

Thanks for catching up with us on this blog post. For more updates, follow us on our Twitter page.

Meusyou tip: Strike a balance between work and play.

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