How Can A Club Manager Help Me?

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Blog | Words by Haydn, 6th October 2018

How can a club manager help me?

Here at Meusyou, we are dedicated to providing you with the very best club manager software, which is tailored to your every need so you can focus on running your sports club.

From swimming clubs, football clubs, to surfing clubs (one of our personal favourite sports — it’s wicked!), a club manager helps you run your whole club from one single entity.

You might be sitting or standing here (or even exercising — appropriate for this post!), and thinking why you should even think about a club manager software…

We are here to help you discover how this can help you organise your members, your staff, so you can run a more successful club.

This is the whole reason we started Meusyou, so you can take advantage of our easy to use platform, and take your sport to the next level.

Within this blog post you will discover how a club manager software can help run your sports club, which is painless, hassle-free, and also enjoyable!

Take Control

Club managers and owners often have 101 things to do.

Imagine you are a racing driver for one moment.

To race to your maximum capacity, you need to maintain the car — your engine needs to be full of oil, your tyres need to be full of air, with a light interior.

These are just a few things you need to maintain to perform at a high level.

All of these issues need to be addressed, as failing to take care of one of these areas can potentially impact your driving. This takes time to make sure all of these are in working condition, taking you away from racing.

Your sports club is similar; you need to make sure your club is ticking like clockwork. Our features page breaks this all down to give you a true understanding.

Neglecting certain parts of your sports club doesn’t leave you in danger (like a racing car might), but not addressing certain parts of a sports club can put you in danger of falling behind.

This is not successful, and it’s probably not how you want to run your club.

With Meusyou, we help you take full control of your sports club so you can focus on the most important parts of your organisation.

You can easily control members, staff, to your class registers from one single platform. No complicated Excel spreadsheets!

Save Money & Potentially Gain Money

“The times they are a changin'”, Bob Dylan once sang in 1964, and they couldn’t be more relevant to today’s climate.

Back in the day, you would write members into class sheets, print them out and hand them to your teachers. You would print payments and give them to your members. You would also print your member list and to see who has paid and who hasn’t.

Do you notice the correlation here?

They are all using paper and manual resources, something that as a society we are moving away from.

Imagine the power of electronic class sheets, electronic payments and notifying payment to your members via email instead of post?

Those who adapt to change to their environment survive, Charles Darwin once said, and with Meusyou you can change your sports club culture for the better.

Saving money on paper and doing things electronically can save you money, resources, and help you take control, but how on earth can it also help you gain money?

Marketing plays an important part in any sports club, or any business for that matter and Meusyou knows the importance of this.

We have embedded a function for you to send email newsletters to your members, potential clients, or your staff (in beta, rolling out to all members shortly).

You can tell members about summer courses, swimming pool closures for example, or enticing customers to sign up to your club. With successful email marketing campaigns, you can build your client list, and see more money come in! This is available to the higher tier of our payment structure.

Save Time

Taking control of your sports club is one major reason why we started Meusyou, so you can oversee your whole sports club.

Another major benefit that a club manager software does is save time.

If you are using a paper system at the moment, you have to manually update and add your members, staff and classes.

Manual is labour-some, not automatic, and can lead to human error. This is a huge burden on your resources. Let’s say you spend 30 minutes a week on printing class sheets for your teachers (we have taken 30 minutes as the minimum — as you could be spending more).

30 minutes x 4 weeks = 120 minutes!

This is crazy!

A full 2 hours of your working month on just printing and giving these out to your teachers! Imagine 2 hours of your month on doing something that can hugely benefit your business. (Not to mention the environmental impact!)

To run a successful sports club, you’re going to be needed left, right and centre.

We understand the importance of this, and our software can help you get to the heart of your sports club.

Imagine a platform that helps you view class sheets in a click of a button, is integrated and automatic, and has you at the very heart of the software. Saving you time so you can get on with more important things at your sports club.

Save countless hours by using Meusyou.

Control, Time & Money — We Have It
All Covered

We have seen countless numbers of sports clubs living in the 19th century with running their club, which is old fashioned and outdated.

These managers are stressed, tired, and are fed up with the manual process that an old system can have on their resources.

But it doesn’t have to be this way!

Take control of your sports club by overseeing all parts of the organisation, from members, staff, to classes. Save time with our easy to use software and automatic features, and potentially save money by using our electronic system — no more paper! (And also gaining money with our newsletter integration).

To find out more about us, and to see what we are all about, simply head over to our pricing page, or sign up to a free month’s trial of Meusyou. See the number of positives that your sports club can gain from our club manager software, and even if you don’t like it (we are certain you will), you can cancel at any time within one month.

Sign up to Meusyou and take your sports club to the next level!

Thanks for catching up with us on this blog post. For more updates, follow us on our Twitter page.

Meusyou tip: Saving time helps you focus on what you do best.

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