Seven MUY Features All Swimming Clubs Cannot Live Without

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Blog | Words by Haydn, 4th January 2019

Seven muy features all swimming clubs cannot live without

Firstly running a swimming club comes with many hurdles and obstacles. Like with any type of business all tasks take time and effort, from managing finances to organising weekly lessons. It’s this act of striking a good balance between multiple tasks in order to make sure your business is as productive as it can be to run smoothly without any hiccups.

It’s brilliant to watch your member’s grow, witnessing staff job satisfaction, and the amount of fun it is to own a swimming club too.

However managing your swimming club is a whole different entity, which is where Meusyou comes in.

Within this blog post you will discover our time-saving features to help you manage your swimming club from one place.

Manage your members (and get to grip about who has paid — an important element), organise your staff so they know exactly what they’re doing, to sorting through your lesson structures, you will learn about what we can offer to help you manage your swimming club.

Discover how you can save time to work on the areas of running a swimming club that you love!

Why Consider Meusyou Anyway?

You might own a swimming club, or know someone that does, such as a family member that manages a swimming club, to see the amount of work that goes in.

You might be used to working this way that you don’t know any other way to work or manage your swimming club.

But don’t worry, help is at hand!

We help swimming clubs manage their swimming club, so you can spend the time working on something that you actually want to be doing.

Apart from paper systems, we have worked extremely hard to create a product that can help you run your swimming club successfully — as our app works on your tablet, desktop, phone for when you’re out and about.

Member feature icon

Easily Manage Your Members

When it comes to managing your members, you want to see who is going where, who’s being taught by who, and their details.

We have all of this, and more, in spades!

Here’s a little run down of what we offer within our member section:

  • See your members in one easy to view platform

  • Search for members

  • Archive old members

  • Group members for print renewal

Members make up the bulk park of your swimming club (as these are the people that are your customers of course), so it’s crucial that you manage them and know them inside and out.

If you’re worried about who has paid out of your members, and can see yourself losing track of this within your current old-fashioned system, let our Member section help you out effortlessly.

Classes feature icon

Understand Your Classes

Whenever you think of a swimming club, you think of teachers, you think of members, but one of the first things you think about is classes.

These are the life blood of your organisation, and if you can essentially nail this on the head, then you’re pretty much golden — as a high standard of classes means a high standard of teaching, and a high standard of learning means satisfied customers, and everything in-between.

Much like your members, you want to see who makes up each class, and what staff is teaching on that particular time and date.

With our features, we give you the power to have complete control.

  • Organise your lessonss

  • Find, group and view classes

  • Filter through each class in terms of dates and times

You really can run your whole swimming club like a boss, who is in control of staff, in control of time and also in control of classes too.

Payment feature icon

Customer Payments

For any business to work, you need to keep up with your cash flow, understand your profit and make sure finances are all running in tip top condition.

Cash is what you can pay your staff with, so it’s crucial that you know what members have paid, and who hasn’t.

We give you the ammunition to keep you in the loop by who has paid, who is still to pay you, and by what payment method.

You can also print payment sheets to give to your members and their parents, so they can see how much they owe and what banking details they need to use.

Not only does this save you time, you can have a better understanding of the finances of your swimming club.

Staff feature icon

Staff & Employee Focus

Managing staff can be a real challenge for any organisation, and unfortunately swimming clubs are no exemption to the rule.

Fortunately for you though, we have a system that helps you manage your staff all in one place.

There’s lots of things you can do with our staffing feature, as we have worked hard on this area within our app to help you get the most out of managing staff;

  • Set hourly rates and track how many hours have been worked by individuals

  • Sort your staff from their teaching level, day they teach to names

  • You can also add, delete and amend staff as your organisation evolves

Registers feature icon

Printable Registers

To manage a good swimming lesson, you need to know exactly what members are in what class, who’s teaching who and vital member details.

Do your staff having everything they need at their disposal to conduct a brilliant swimming lesson? Every swimming lesson has to come from a register — which kicks things off to a good start. You need to know who has attended

A teacher that understands where they’re going is going to stream-line your organisation.

Instead of manually inserting names into a Word document (or even worse writing them out yourself — which could get lost in the future!), Meusyou helps you build your registers easily and efficiently.

By assigning different members and staff to classes, registers are automatically created for you — saving a heap of time and effort!

This is helpful to print each class for teachers.

Can be viewed online or downloaded into a PDF.

Badges feature icon

Awarding Badges

Badges are a nice little touch which you can bring into your organisation to reward members for their hard work and the skills which they have gained during the time at your swimming club.

Not only this, but as a bussiness it is a good opportunity to put your club in a positive light by demonstrating your appreciation towards members commitment. It could be seen as a positive word of mouth to add growth to your business it could be a positive too parents cna go home and tell all there family and friends about how well john is doing at swimming, people may ask questions about the club and a good recommendation is passed across through word of mouth to grandparents to show off childs progress.

Meusyou allows you to track the progress of every single member you have and what badges have been awarded right across the whole database.

From your member details, you can see who has been awarded what badge, award particular members badges, and filter your search to easily see what badges you need to award.

Customers love these little perks and nice touches, and we have made sure this in included within our package too.

See How MUY Can Help Your Swimming Club Succeed

Running a swimming club can mean a lot of tasks and things to do, but can be very rewarding as well.

If you’re fed up with your out-of-date paper system, or love the sound of these time saving, effort saving and money saving features, then do head over to our Pricing page.

You really can manage your staff, your members and your payments from one location, and that Meusyou!

We hope you have discovered how our features can help you manage every single part of your swimming club, that helps you run it in an easily to use way.

Be sure to check out our other blog posts, revealing tips and expert advice to help you run a sports club. We reveal what you can learn from Anthony Joshua about sport (and it’s not just about boxing!), why it’s highly beneficial to join a sports club, and how a club management software can help you!

Thanks for catching up with us on this blog post. For more updates, follow us on our Twitter page.

Meusyou tip: A New Year, a new you = Time to switch to a club management software!

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