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Blog | Words by Cam, 4th July 2017

Welcome to Meusyou

Firstly, welcome to meusyou, today marks the day that the doors are finally open. We hope it will be the start of something great — in our quest to help sports clubs, like yours, to manage your business with ease.

Over the past few months the team at Meusyou has been working tirelessly to bring you our fully fledged sports club management system, alongside a website. We’re still in our early stages with bigger updates to come, so keep an eye out.

A simple management tool
for sports clubs

A word from Cameron (Co-Founder)

As Creative Director, Co-Founder of Meusyou, I’ve always wanted to give back to those struggling with the behind the scenes of running a sports club.

It can be a challenging task; managing your members, keeping track of your payments, weekly forms to print — which is only a sample of problems — whilst teaching hundreds of lessons.

After helping a local Swimming Club solve this issue, we began slowly but surely, and felt now was the right time to release Meusyou to the masses.

Whilst working the daily grind of a 9—5 job, Meusyou started as a fun sideline project to keep my creative mind active. I have a big love for design, branding and business. Since then Meusyou has turned into a full-time project, with the goal of creating the simplest management tool to help sports clubs.

Our mission is to help leaders like you run a sports club with ease.

Hassle-free, organised, simple

Meusyou aims to be the simplest online database management tool.

Helping sports clubs manage, store and organise data for all their member’s.

Meaning less hassle, no more paperwork, continued support and everything a club needs to succeed. With a passionate team and ambitions set high, we can’t wait to see where Meusyou takes us in helping you to succeed.

Thanks for catching up with us on this blog post. For more updates, follow us on our Twitter page.

Welcome to Meusyou

Meusyou tip: A happy team is a successful team.

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