Why Joining A Sports Club Can Change Your Life

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Blog | Words by Cam, 19th November 2018

Why joining a sports club can change your life

For those of you who love sport, joining a sports club can be a step up. A chance to learn from peers, socialise with others, and take your skills to the next level.

For others however it brings up feelings of doubt. This uncertainty makes you ask questions. Do I really have time for this? My life is already hetic, so how can I fit this in? Am I fit enough to join a sports club? The list goes on until you find enough reasons to never join. But there is so much a sports club can bring to your life that you shouldn’t pass up.

Within this article you will discover why you should join a sports club, the positive benefits that outweigh those potential doubts and the ways it can potentially change your life for the better.

We believe that joining a sports club can be hugely beneficial to all aspects of life, from interpersonal skills to time management. Maybe we’re just biased as we absolutely love sport clubs here at MUY!

So let’s get straight to it!

Joining A Sports Club Makes
You More Social

Clubs bring people together.

The social aspect of joining a club allows you to build relationships.

Why is this?

For one it’s the perfect environment to share conversations with people who on the same wave length as you and hopefully share similar interests as you do. These people may be older, younger, a different way of life, but it doesn’t matter! The love of sport is what brings you all together.

Let’s look at Parkrun as a great example. They use exercise as a way to bring people together, regardless of who you are. Through encouragement, inspiration and positivity they have created a community for all types of runners.

This is the perfect recipe for ever-lasting friendships, as you, and the members of the sports club, love the sport.

This likemindedness you share with others gives you an immediate connection with them. You have similar things in common, which will in turn help you to interact and mingle into the club.

Gives You A Great Excuse To Exercise

At the end of the day you’re exercising.

Coupled with the positive aspects within this article and other blog posts, exercise is probably the most important.

You’re working those muscles, getting your blood pumping, and more importantly releasing endorphins, making you feel great.

This results in a happier outlook and takes you away from the stresses of daily life.

It’s a win-win situation! (And we haven’t even mentioned feeling fit and healthy either!)

Learn From Others

Anything new is always a learning curve.

It gets you out of your comfort zone and makes you stronger (mentally and psychically), whether it’s riding a bike for the first time or kicking a ball.

Being involved in a sports club is exactly the same.

It give you two sources of learning. One being coaches; who are knowledgeable, experienced and insightful and two our peers with their varying perspectives. This combination in resource can help you to develop as an athlete.

The good thing is we never stop learning no matter what age and there is always something new to learn.

You can kill two birds with one stone here; you can be social with others but also chat about how to improve your game or skillset.

Builds Up Your Exercise Routine

Being part of a club keeps you on track (no pun intended!).

Humans love routine, we constantly seek routine within all parts of our daily life.

Going along to club sessions every week helps to build your exercise routine. As you keep attending each week, it becomes a habit, and this habit is engrained.

You look forward to attending each week, and you don’t have to think twice about attending. It becomes part of your schedule. The more you attend, the easier it becomes.

You can then schedule around club commitments, which will in turn give you time for yourself — something which is so important!

Lots Of Opportunities

Most clubs often go beyond the weekly meet up.

Sports clubs offer new opportunities by hosting sports events, social gatherings like Christmas meals to club matches (for example tennis matches versus other sports clubs — a chance to play in a semi-serious environment, to put those skills to the test).

If you’re committed to the club, there’s always an opportunity to help out. This can give you a sense of belonging, and give you a real understanding in the running of the club behind the scenes.

Nowadays all clubs cater for all levels, ages and genders, so no matter who you are there’s a club out there for you!

If you’re ever in doubt about joining a local club nearby, just think back to the number of positives it can bring to your life — sometimes you just need to bite the bullet and attend.

From becoming more social, active, with lots of opportunities available, joining a sports club can change your life for the better. Still inspired? Why not learn a few things from one the best 3 Kick-ass Things Anthony Joshua Can Teach Us About Sport.

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