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Member icon


Store 700+ members.

Circle tick icon Archive

Keep an archive of previous
members for a period of time.

Circle tick icon Renewal

Group batch members ready
for print renewal.

Circle tick icon Search

Search for particular members
quickly, to update details.

Circle tick icon Filter

Filter through hundreds of
members for specific details.

Register icon


Keep count of members for every lesson.

Circle tick icon Print

Print selected registers for each week.

Circle tick icon Assign

Assign teachers or assistants to registers for certain lessons.

Circle tick icon Sort

Search for particular members
quickly, to update details.

Circle tick icon Add/delete

Add/delete registers to suit the amount of lessons.

Payment icon


Stay on top of payments, down to the last penny.

Circle tick icon Print

Print member payment sheets for certain lessons and days.

Circle tick icon Add

Keep payments consistent by lesson type, duration and day.

Club settings icon

Club Settings

Essential club details.

Circle tick icon Prices

Adjust lesson costs to be linked to the whole database.

Circle tick icon Term Dates

Adjust term dates to suit the clubs working schedule.

Circle tick icon Timetable

Update lesson times or delete lesson days to preference.

Circle tick icon BACS

Change bank account details for club payments.

Classes icon


Organise lessons into order of level/class.

Circle tick icon Organise

Organise lessons into order of class, from high to low.

Circle tick icon Find

Search for members in certain classes across lots of lessons.

Circle tick icon Group

Group teachers, times and certain days to varying classes.

Circle tick icon View

See a quick overview of the classes for each week or day.

Badges icon


Reward members for their achievements.

Circle tick icon Group

Print groups of certificates to give to members.

Circle tick icon Badge availability

Stay in check of badge availability and stock.

Circle tick icon Assign

Assign badges to classes and lessons.

Circle tick icon Filter

Filter by badge name, class and availability.

Staff icon


Manage staff in one place.

Circle tick icon Hourly rates

Set rates of pay for teachers and track hours worked.

Circle tick icon Assign

Assign teachers to specific lessons, days and times.

Circle tick icon Sort

Sort by teaching ability, name, lesson times/days and classes.

Circle tick icon Add/delete

Add/delete staff to keep track of employee numbers.

Profile icon


Customisable database setup.

Circle tick icon Display

Change the database display to landscape or portrait.

Circle tick icon Edit

Quickly update any important club contact details.

Circle tick icon Club details

Adjust and fill in club details to link to the whole database.

Circle tick icon Setup

Tailor the database from a range of preset sports setups.

Settings icon


Update account settings to personal preference.

Circle tick icon Update

Update any personal details, such as passwords/usernames.

Circle tick icon Upgrade

Upgrade your monthly plan.

Circle tick icon User ID

Reference code used for any queries about the database.

Circle tick icon Notifications

Change email notifications.

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Secure data


We ensure that all data is safe, protected and encrypted.

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Track your payments

Payment online

Meusyou allows members to track payments.

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Meusyou is an online-only tool with no software to install.

Refund available

Money back guarantee

If you’re not happy with Meusyou we will refund you immediately.

Easy to use display


Meusyou is easy to use
and user friendly.

Setup your club settings


Set up your club profile with our preset sports settings.

No hidden fees or costs

No hidden fees

With all our plans there are no extra costs or hidden fees.

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