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Thank you for using Meusyou or connecting with our site and services. This Policy explains the what, how and why in the information that we collect and use from every visit to one of our sites or by using one of our services. We respect your privacy and will never misuse your information at all.

The Basics

An overview in the set up of this Policy.

1) Definitions

These definitions will help you to fully understand the terms used throughout this Policy. When we use the term ‘our’, ‘us’, ‘we’ or ‘Meusyou’ we are referring to our company Meusyou in it’s entirety including all services we provide. If ‘you’, ‘customers’ or ‘user’ is used we are referring to the people who have registered with us and regularly use our services on a daily basis. ‘Personal Information’ refers to the means of information from which we can identify the individual that has registered with us, these details may incluce ‘usernames’, ‘passwords’ or ‘email-addresses’.

The terms in this Policy applies to the company of ‘Meusyou’ only from which is for the website ( and all it’s services. The information written in this Policy is accurate, and up to date to the latest version which is shown at the bottom of this page.

2) Changes

We reserve the right to make changes to this Policy from time to time without notifying you. Please visit this Policy periodically to check for updates. The latest updated version of this Policy is shown directly at the bottom of this page. Updates to this policy can be sent to you by ‘opting in’ scheme to this Policy to receive any changes prior to a live updated version.

3) Questions

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this Policy or anything to do with our website and services, please feel free to contact us. You can send us a message on our Contact page.

Your Information

An overview of the data used by using our website and services.

4) Information We Collect

The information we collect is used for all services, with the benefit of protect, maintain and develop for our users.

(a) Cookies: When using our website or services cookies are stored on your web browser / machine to remember personal information such as login details Usernames and passwords. Strings of data / information are stored on the web browser to identify users when visiting our site. Cookies are used to help improve user experience, define trends and for better integration between the user and our services.

As a commercial business we at anytime may use personal information such as ‘email addresses’ to contact you via email regarding marketing plans, discounts, service updates and company news. Customers at anytime can ‘unsubscribe’ from emails through their account settings.

This site also uses Google’s reCAPTCHA service and is subject to the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

5) Use and Disclosure of Personal Information

If you are using our service or website we may use personal information in several ways.
To send direct emails relating to your account with us.

6) Information Collected for and by our Users

(a) Information we collect: When visiting our website or using our services, we may gather information such as IP addresses

(b) Information you voluntarily give to us: When registering or logging into your club database, you are providing us with your details from which we may use to contact you – through email.

(c) Within the database service information is manually inputted into our app, about club details, member details. We as a company are respectful of this information and will never reveal, steal or see any of this information under any circumstances – unless given permission by you as a user directly in the event of technical issues or the loss of details.

(d) Membership Data

7) Public Information and Third Party Websites

8) Third Parties

At times when using our website or services you may be sharing information with third parties. Stripe is defined as a third party user that may use your personal information when you make daily payments to us through this service. We disclaim the responsibility of any information being misused through third party sources such as Stripe.


Ensuring to keep all personal customer details safe.

9) Notice of Breach of Security

In the case of any private information being leaked, hacked or misused without consent. Meusyou will act immediately to notify you of this, we will offer you advice on the best plan of action to take and will work around the clock to rectify any issues caused at the time.

10) Safeguarding Your Information

As a company is it imperative for us to securely protect your information under every circumstance. Although we can’t guarantee 100% that your information this, due to the capability of hackers, we have set in place all procedures, such as encryption to insure information is secure. Any payments made directly to us are under HTTPS security, ensuring a safe transaction. We also provide a Paypal paying service, which is the liability of Paypal if any information is distributed, misused or leaked.

Under the security of your information, if a customer is idle for a period of 6 months and not using our services at all, any information stored by us is kept for a minimum of 1 month then destroyed by us in a secure manner. If a customer cancels a plan / service, all information is still kept for a minimum of 1 month before being discarded.


We ensure to keep all personal customer details safe.

11) We Operate in the United Kingdom

Meusyou is a commercial company operating in and only in the United Kingdom. All services, communications are directed from the UK.

12) Access

Users can update any personal information on their account by logging into the website. The individual is also able to add, edit and remove any personal information at their wish, by contacting us.

13) Accuracy of Data, Transparency, and Choice

We always aim to maintain user information in being accurate and up to date, providing you remain to give us updated information when requested.

Updated 1st July 2017

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